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Getting started with react JS step by step from scratch

 In this article we will be discussing hot to create react app from scratch. We will also discuss about the project structure of react app. React JS is an library but most people says its an framework. Its actually an library by using it we can develop robust applications.     For react app we need to have install Node Js on development machine. To download Node JS you can visit below link and install it on your machine.     I recommend you to always download LTS (Long term support) executable versions only.   Now we have downloaded and installed the node JS, its time to download and install the code editor to manage your code efficiently. I would recommend you that you can go with the Visual studio code. following is the link to download the visual studio code.   Now we have downloaded and installed visual studio code as well as Node JS. Lets launch the visual studio code, go to menu bar and click on Terminal option >