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Deploy .NET Core MVC Application on Azure Cloud

In this article I will be explaining about deploying .NET Core MVC Application on Azure Cloud step by step in detail.  There are following deployment stages involved  1) Signup in Azure 2) Creating a Resource Group 3) Creating a VM 4) Creating a Azure sql server Database 5) Publish your MVC Application 6) install IIS web server feature in VM 7) deploy your publish files in IIS       Lets discuss each steps in detail.   1) Signup in Azure  You can signup to azure using below link you will get 1 month free trial for using azure services.   once you signup with azure, you are ready to do the next steps in the article. 2) Creating a Resource Group login to azure portal where you can get links to use various services and home page look like below figure.   In above portal you can type "resource group" in search bar you can create the Resource Group. type the resource group name and select the desired region and click on review +create butt

CRUD operation using entity framework in .net core MVC application

In Previous article " Setup Code first approach in .net core MVC application using entity framework " we have discussed setting up the code first approach in .net core application. We have created our first model in the sample project and we will be using the same project in this article. In this article we will doing the CRUD operation using entity framework in .net core MVC application. Visual studio provides scaffolding template for these operation but we will not use the scaffolding template for the CRUD operation rather we use the manual custom code for understating of the subject better.       Lets start the implementation. Before we start the crud operation activity we need to do some useful changes to entity migration. In previous article we have used the update-database command to migrate changes to database, but in real time web application this approach would not work so for that we need to make changes such that the migration changes will commit to database with