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Source Code Beautifier And Format Source Code For Blogger and Websites

Source Code Beautifier For Blogger and Websites, Format Source Code , Format Source code for blog or blogging & website, Online line source code formatter tool, blogger code format tool, Format source code for blog-spot,Insert formatted source code

How to format source code for blogger & website : 

You can format your source code for blogger & website in easy three steps..

1) Paste your source code into "Paste Here Your Source Code" Text-area.

2) Choose appropriate options from "formatting options" and click Format Source Code button..

3) See preview of formatted source code if it's fine then copy from "Copy Formatted Source Code" text-area otherwise repeat step 2

  •  This source code formatter allow you to format code like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C#, PHP,, VB.Net, Visual Basic,, ASP & many other languages.
  •  It does not add unnecessary tags into formatted code, It use only two tag HTML tags <pre> & <code> only once with formatted source code.
  •  This is pure Javascript Application so don't worry about your code.
  •  In the first release we have build it mainly for blogger, wordpress and blog.
  •  This is compatible with table less layout so it work fine with div based website.
  •  In the next release we'll make it colorful code formatter tool for your blogger & website.
  •  Alternative backgrounds used in this tool.

Paste Here Your Source Code
Source Code Formatting Options
1) Convert Tab into Space :
2) Need Line Code Numbering :
3) Remove blank lines :
4) Embeded styles / Stylesheet :
5) Code Block Width :
6) Code Block Height :
7) Alternative Background :
Copy Formatted Source Code
Preview Of Formatted Code
1:  [HttpGet]  
2:  public ViewResult test(int id)  
3:  {  
4:    Client objClient = Clients[id];  
5:    return View("DisplayClient",objClient);  
6:  }   


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