Getting started using Gemini AI model by Google

  In this article I am going to demonstrate you how can we use Gemini AI model by Google step by step. I will demonstrate the example with text prompt first and then i will show you how you can use image in prompt and get the answers from the Gemini AI model.   So lets get started. Prerequisites: Visual studio code Python  Api Key of Gemini can be obtain from    Open visual studio code and open the folder where you want to create the python application. Now go to view menu of vs code and click on Terminal menu, it will open new Power-Shell terminal. Now we will install some python packages for that use below commands. pip install google-generativeai   pip install ipython Gemini Text Prompt Example:  Now create file named "" and add below code snippet to it.   import os import google.generativeai as genai from IPython.display import Markdown os.environ['GOOGLE_API_KEY'] = " your google api key obtained

Create chatbot in few minutes using FloWiseAI open-source tool

In this article I am going to demonstrate how to design and create chatbot using FlowWiseAI tool. I will also demonstrate how you can integrate chatbots with your existing web application with minimal code. In this article I have used OpenAI as a LLM (large language model).     go to below FlowiseAI website which is Open source UI visual tool to build your customized LLM flow powered by LangchainJS, written in Node Typescript/Javascript  in above webpage there is following link of GitHub    There is three way we can use the flowwiseAI  Global installation of FlowiseAI using Node version Higher Than  18.15.0 Using Docker image Using Developer after cloning the application in local using GitHub   In this article i am going to talking about the global installation of FlowiseAI to create chatbot Prerequisite: Install NodeJS version 18.15.0 or above. after installation of NodeJS open the powershell terminal and execute the follo

Install Private GPT library in your PC, train AI Models and Chat with your private docs offline

Private GPT helps you to Ingest your documents and get answers of your questions from your documents, locally/offline. We can implement the PrivateGPT using GitHub open source library called "privateGPT". Following is the the url to access the library which contains completed implementation details including prerequisite like system requirement, software required to run the code. Using Private GPT library we can query the offline documents without need of internet however while setup we required to connect to the internet. In this article i going to show you how to implement the PrivateGPT in your PC. Following is the list of software to be installed in the PC before installing the PrivateGPT. Visual Studio Code latest GIT Latest Python Visual Studio 2022 (Make sure you select Universal Windows Platform development , C++ CMake tools for Windows components while installing) MinGW installer with gcc component Once you install the above s