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Log exception to file in c# .net core application explained

In production environment when any bug gets reported at that time as developer wants to get the exception details of bug to resolve the issue on high priority.
In some case there might be situation where exception is not logged in table but developer wants to check the bug immediately. for that purpose we need to write the
exception details including stack trace of bug in file. To implement this easily i am going to demonstrate the implementation of custom logging in file as below.

First we need to construct the exception and logger method in custom logger class as shown below.

public class CustomLogger { public static List<string> ConstructExceptionDetails(Exception ex,string FunctionName) { return new List<string>() { $"{DateTime.Now} - {FunctionName}", $"Exception: {ex.Message}", $"StackTrace: {ex.StackTrace}", $"InnerException: {ex.InnerException?.…

MCA solved assignments IGNOU Tips and Tricks

MCA students of IGNOU have to submit the assignments to get eligible to appear in term end examination before the dates declared by university.To download the MCA assignments you can visit

Following is the syllabus of MCA IGNOU

First SemesterCourseCodeCourse NameCredits MCS-011 Problem Solving and Programming 3  MCS-012 Computer Organisation and Assembly Language Programming 4  MCS-013 Discrete Mathematics 2  MCS-014 Systems Analysis and Design 3  MCS-015 Communication Skills 2  MCSL-016 Internet Concepts and Web design (Lab Course) 2  MCSL-017 Lab (C and Assembly Language Programming) (Lab Course) 2 Second SemesterCourseCodeCourse NameCredits MCS-021 Data and File structures 4  MCS-022 Operating System concepts 4  MCS-023 Introduction to Database Management Systems 3  MCS-024 Object Oriented Technology and Java Programming 3  MCSL-025 Lab (Data Structures using C, WINDOWS 2000, LINUX / UNIX, Java and MS? ACCESS, My SQL) 4 Thi…